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Our Work: An Integrated Approach to Development dinsdag 26 mei 2015

Integrated Development

Dorcas understands the multi-faceted nature of poverty and supports partners in promoting and developing an integrated approach towards development in which interrelated issues are addressed within a given sector



Dorcas believes in developing long term relationships with her partners and beneficiaries in the field. This partnership not only focuses on developing and implementing programmes but also strengthening capacity of the partner organizations to respond better to poverty.


Cooperation With Other Organizations

Dorcas cooperates with other development organizations on both national and international level, as well as government ministries and departments. This increases the impact and effectiveness of interventions in communities, enhances synergies and optimal utilization of resources.


Participation & Empowerment of Beneficiaries

Participation and involvement of beneficiaries forms a core pre-condition to realization of sustainable development. Participation also enables beneficiaries to take a leading role in addressing their own needs, hence bestowing confidence and dignity in them.



Dorcas support goes to all segments of the population irrespective of their independent beliefs, religion, race, ethnic background, political convictions or gender. Dorcas programs aim at inclusion, as well as removing social, cultural, religious and physical barriers that restrict people from participating.


Gender Mainstreaming

Dorcas contributes towards bridging the gap between men and women by assisting them to participate together in fighting poverty through promotion of equality and equity.


Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS

We recognize that HIV/AIDS poses challenges to realization of sustainable development. As a result, Dorcas works with all stakeholders in this sector to improve access to rights of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as contribute towards poverty alleviation for the vulnerable groups in order to mitigate impacts of HIV/AIDS in communities.



Dorcas works with other like-minded organizations to advocate for and support rights of marginalized groups in society through policies, legislation and addressing relevant government and local authorities to create enabling environment for the poor to flourish.


Capacity Development

Dorcas works together with partner organizations to develop their capacity. This is identified through a self-assessment and as a result a myriad of activities ranging from training, coaching, cross-learning, benchmarking, advisory to research are undertaken. Similarly, Dorcas places a lot of emphasis in empowering and building self-esteem among beneficiaries to play a critical role in development. Deliberate efforts are undertaken to address negative worldviews and mindsets that bolster dependency in order to create a sense of responsibility among beneficiaries.


Disaster Risk Reduction

In Kenya, the risk of disasters such as drought, flooding and conflicts are apparently high. As a result, Dorcas integrates disaster risk reduction measures in her programming to prevent and/or mitigate such disasters. This is also aimed at building resilience of people living in disaster prone areas.



For international transactions please use Dorcas' International Bank Account Number: NL04 RABO 0106 2500 00

How We Work

How We Work

Dorcas operates building the capacities of local partner organisations and funding their relief and development projects.

Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Dorcas supports sustainable livelihoods, health, WASH, child development, social care and disaster management.